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What is the Equestrian Preserve?

9000 acres comprised of show grounds, polo fields and bridle trails all complementing nearby parks, ranches, stables and low-density residences

Protects the character of the equestrian community

Part of our unique village’s comprehensive plan created in 2000

Has its own zoning district with its own rules and regulations

Focused on preservation of open spaces, paths and equestrian trails

Aims to maximize green space, control density, maintain rich equestrian character

Help Protect the Preserve

It’s up to us to protect it.

The Equestrian Preserve is critical to our village’s identity, to our economy, and to ensuring Wellington remains a world-class equestrian destination.

Learn More About the Preserve

Where exactly is it?

The Village of Wellington has provided maps of the district.


Why it's Important

We have a unique community. The Preserve helps us keep it that way.


The Preserve's History

More about the largest single development ever allowed in Palm Beach County and Roger Wellington’s vision.