About the Preserve

What is Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve?

The Village of Wellington created the Equestrian Preserve district as part of its master plan to ensure the preservation and protection of the neighborhoods which comprise Wellington’s unique equestrian area, the equestrian industry and the rural lifestyles which exist in the Equestrian Preserve.

To implement protection of the Equestrian Preserve Area, the Village of Wellington adopted the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District (EOZD), covering about 9,000 acres of Wellington.


The Purpose of the Equestrian Preserve District is to:

(1) Provide for and encourage the creation of conservation easements to retain open space and paths for equestrian trails;

(2) Provide for the preservation of greenspace through the use of cluster development, open space zoning or other innovative planning techniques designed to maximize the preservation of open space and the agricultural, rural and equestrian character of the Equestrian Preserve, while maintaining the overall density in the Equestrian Preserve.

(3) Provide for the limited commercial uses which support the equestrian industry.

(4) Provide for the preservation of the rural lifestyles and land uses which exist in the overlay area while ensuring compatibility of land uses; and

(5) Establish site development regulations that recognize the characteristics of equestrian and similar uses and structures.

Source: City of Wellington

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