2016 Success

In March, 2016, Wellington’s voters amended the Village Charter to permanently prevent construction of hotels, motels, condos and apartments within the Equestrian Preserve District.

The voice of residents was overwhelming, with nearly two-thirds voting to protect the Preserve.

At the same time, voters approved an amendment making it as difficult as possible (requiring 4 Council votes instead of 3 votes) to remove any property from the Preserve.

Less than a year later, developers are already trying to undo the will of the voters.

YES on Question 1

Protect the boundaries of the equestrian preserve and make it harder to shrink the size of the preserve area.

YES on Question 3

Prohibit excessive development like motels, hotels, condo-hotels and apartment complexes from being built within the Wellington Equestrian Preserve Area.

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This developer is lobbying the village council to shrink the Equestrian Preserve to allow his own condo-hotels and to remove Council oversight. If approved, this blatant end-run around the Village Charter will open the door for this and other developers to eliminate our Equestrian Preserve, which will lead to less green space, more traffic, and overdevelopment of this one-of-a-kind resource which has made Wellington what it is today. We must act now to prevent this effort to subvert the people’s will once and for all.

Why does this matter?

Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve is critical to our Village’s identity and our local economy. It must be protected from exploitation and overdevelopment.

Voters chose by a two-thirds majority to protect the the Preserve for generations to come. That vote should matter.

What can you do?

Raise awareness of this issue by talking with your neighbors, calling your Village Council members, and sharing posts on Facebook.

Sign up here for more information in the coming days on how you can help Protect the Equestrian Preserve.