Q: Does Question 3 affect grooms’ quarters?

A: NO. Question 3 does not have any impact whatsoever on grooms’ quarters, or any other currently permitted use. It only applies to restricting developments: hotels, condos and apartment buildings.

A misinformation campaign is trying to convince people otherwise. To refute the misinformation, Village Attorney Laurie Cohen has stated this emphatically in a memo on this topic. Source: Memo from Village Attorney, March 3, 2016

Groom’s quarters, caretaker quarters, mother-in-law suites and guest cottages are permitted within the EOZD as accessory uses to the principal use of the property and will continue to be permitted within the EOZD if the amendment passes.”  

Q: I’ve heard that Question 3 will take away my ability to have a mother-in-law apartment or other existing rights?

A: No, Question 3 will not take away any rights you currently have. It only helps solidify existing protections.

There are no existing permitted uses within the EOZD that will become unlawful or non-conforming if the amendment is adopted.” Source: Memo from Village Attorney, March 3, 2016

Q: I don’t live within the Equestrian Preserve (EOZD). Will Question 3 affect my property?

No, Question 3 only affects those within the EOZD (the Equestrian Preserve Area).  However, if you currently travel within the Equestrian Preserve to bring your kids to school or to Village Park etc., you should remember that keeping Large developments out of this area will help keep traffic in check.

Q: Will Questions 1 and 3 preserve green space for future generations in Wellington?


One or more developers are actively trying to get rid of the equestrian preserve zoning protections, so they can build hotels, condos and/or other commercial developments within the Preserve. A YES ON 3 vote will keep that from happening with in the Preserve, and will ensure the 9000 acres of our Preserve are protected for this and future generations to enjoy green space and the low-density we all enjoy.

Q: Will voting YES on 1 and 3 help keep traffic in check?

A: YES. Keeping large-scale developments out of the Preserve will keep traffic in check, so that getting to our parks and schools won’t get any more difficult than it already is.  The alternative is to allow commercial development, which will increase traffic, require wider roads, more dangerous turning requirements, increase noise, and make it much more dangerous for horses and their riders to navigate through the preserve.

Q: Why is one developer spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting against Question 3?

A: Question 3 helps solidify the EOZD’s ban on commercial developments like hotels, condos and apartment complexes. The only reason to oppose Question 3 is if you want to take away those protections.  If we let that happen, even in 1 property within the Preserve, then those protections will be gone throughout the Preserve.  That’s why we need to protect the Preserve in the Village Charter.