Wellington Village Board Delays Vote Again on Controversial Project

Wellington Village Board Delays Vote Again on Controversial Project

Dozens of community members opposed to the project speak out

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May 11, 2017

Wellington, FL — After Solar Sportsystems filed a lawsuit against the Village of Wellington for violating its own procedural rules, the village’s Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board stopped the rushed application for a condo hotel and floating development zone.

“While we are pleased that the board did the right thing in reverting this project back for further review, the fact remains that the entire proposal is in direct opposition to the will of the voters,” said Matthew Chait, attorney representing Solar Sportsystems.

This is the second time the Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board delayed the vote after publicly noticing the application. More than 50 neighbors and voters showed up at this hearing in opposition and were not able to provide public comment on the record of this issue.

“We anticipate that a closer look at this application will conclude this project threatens the quality of life in and around the Equestrian Preserve. The developer’s proposal is riddled with other problems including a request for open-ended permissions, traffic congestion, elimination of height restrictions, removal of green-space, and major increases in density,” Chait said.

Residents of Wellington who waited until the end of the meeting to make public comment were unanimous in their outrage, asking why they were even there after over 60 percent of voters cast a ballot to protect the preserve in the March 2016 election.

The entire concept of fast-tracking a large, controversial project undermines the public process and is a disservice to Wellington residents.


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